Barista Warrior Gooseneck Kettle for Pour Over Coffee and Tea with Thermometer for Exact Temperature

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BREW PERFECT POUR OVER COFFEE AT HOME: Equip your inner barista with this pour over coffee kettle. Use this gooseneck kettle to make delicious pour over coffee in your home like a pro. *Please note that this kettle holds 1.2 liters but we recommend to boil 1 liter at a time, to avoid overflow when boiling

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OK, first, we have a GE induction range, and this 1.2 liter kettle works perfectly on it. The part that is magnetic on the bottom (necessary for induction) is the rim around the edge on the bottom. The center of the bottom is not magnetic, but that doesn’t matter, so the “magnet test” can be misleading, if you aren’t putting the magnet in the right place.

Second, the quality of the kettle’s construction is great. The handle is sturdy and welded onto the body of the kettle securely at four points. There is no rust around the welds inside or out. The pouring spout is also securely welded with no leaks.

Third, the temperature gauge is dead-on accurate, and even closely measures the room temperature, when not in use!

Fourth, the lid stays securely on when pouring.

Fifth, the pouring action is precisely controlled by the spout so you get just the right water volume over the grounds. I followed the instructions and filled the kettle to 80% full (to the bottom edge of the top ring–approximately 32 ounces/1 liter), put the kettle on my smallest induction eye on the rangetop, set the cooking temperature to “high” and the pot reached the 200 F mark (the trmperature you want for coffee (not boiliing) in almost exactly 4 minutes (I live at 3,000 feet, so yours may perform differently at lower or higher altitude).

Since you don’t want water to boil actively and squirt out of the spout, you have to do three things: 1. don’t fill the kettle any more than 80% full; 2. set your timer on the range so that it alerts you when the kettle of water is close to boiling (just experiment with your first batch and note the time you start and the time you finish); and 3. Make sure you choose a small eye on your range-top, so that the handle of the kettle is not exposed to excessive heat (this isn’t an issue with induction range-tops, but you should still use the smallest eye you can, because these ranges sense the size of the pot and sometimes won’t work with pots that are too small). If you are using a gas stove, don’t let the flame creep around the edge of the kettle and up the sides, because you might damage the handle and/or burn your hand.

Finally, the temperature gauge didn’t fall off or fog up and continues to work fine.

I think I have addressed all the objections that other reviewers have raised about this kettle. If I have any problems in the future, I will update this review.

Bottom line: I can tell you that the coffee I made (using this kettle, a Cafelissimo stainless steel filter, and the Smart Flask 32-oz/1-liter insulated flask, using medium/fine grind dark-medium roast blend organic, fair-trade coffee, ground in a simple Braun blade grinder) produced a wonderfully smooth and rich cup of coffee, with none of the acidic edge that used to accompany my French-press efforts. I assembled this entire system for well under $100 thanks to!

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Top Critical Review

Be careful which burner you put this kettle on, the first time I used it the plastic melted on top of the thermometer. I’m not a dummy and I didnt even have the flame on too high, it just melted easily, but it still works. The kettle works well and it’s easy to pour precisely out of. After about 6 months of usage the glue/seal that holds the bottom of the kettle on has started to flake off INSIDE the kettle. Not too great to pour glue into your coffee.

I’ll be honest I expected a little more out of this kettle, being $36 and one of the fancier ones listed on Amazon. I don’t think I’ve ever left a 3 star review or lower on amazon since I’m not really one to complain.
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Customer Questions & Answers

is this made from food grade 304 stainless steel?
Answer: Not noted anywhere, but you may be able to ask at

How accurate is the thermometer and can it be calibrated?
Answer: I just received my pot, and the thermometer reads about 38 when it should read 32. It doesn’t look like it able to be calibrated, which annoys me.

We bought this pot dec 31,2017, should it appear to be rusting after 6 mo use?

Probably not, but do you leave water in it after use? I am pretty sure the company says to dump remaining water out after use. Where is rusting? I have had one about the same length of time and mine shows no incidence of rust. It did have some small white scale spots in bottom that I just got rid of with a soak in some??

I bought this pour over coffee maker ( is it necessary to use this kind of gooseneck kettle ?
Answer: No, any kettle that will allow slow accurate controlled pours will work but that probably means any goose neck kettle. This one is nice bc it has the thermometer built in with a marker in the optimum range for coffee (around 180-200 ish)

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